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The information obtained in this application is used to ensure a good match between you and a prospective pet, as well as ensure a basic quality of life for the pet you are adopting.

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Adoption Agreement:
I understand the sterilization of this animal is MANDATORY and included in the adoption fee and will cooperate with Lucky Paws to schedule the sterilization of this animal (if not done so already).

I am willing and able to assume the cost for the health and welfare of this animal for a probable lifetime of 10 to 15 years or more. This animal will see a vet on a regular basis for vaccinations, exams, and any emergencies.

I will provide proper and sufficient food, water, and humane treatment for this animal at all times.

As the new owner of this pet, I assume all responsibility for its behavior. If I can no longer keep this pet, I will notify Lucky Paws Rescue and make arrangements to return the pet as soon as possible.

If this animal ever gets lost or stolen, I will contact Lucky Paws Rescue immediately in order for it's safe return.

I certify that all of the above information is correct. I UNDERSTAND and AGREE that if any false statements have been made herein, or if there is any knowledge of abuse or neglect, Lucky Paws Rescue reserves the right to reclaim ownership of this pet.
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